Mary Ann Bachus – The Triathlete

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Mary Ann Bachus – The Triathlete

Mary Ann Bachus is one of the most humble people at this gym.  She comes in with a smiling face each day ready to have fun and do the best she can do.  I have the privilege of working with her and two other women two times a week for semi-private sessions and I can honestly say that she brings light to my days.  Her optimism, encouragement for others and hard work ethic are contagious.

Many of you probably know Mary Ann from the gym, but because she is so humble, you probably have no idea what an animal she really is.  This lady is a killer triathlete!  I want to take some time to brag about her and “show her off” because she GREATLY deserves it!  Here is a little Q&A to get to know Mary Ann Bachus – The Triathlete a bit better…


What is your athletic background? 

Avid tennis player since 1974, but quit in 2003 to change to biking and triathlon training.
I did play golf and tennis as a youth.
I’ve run since 1974 and started Master Swimming at Chico Sport Club in 1990.
In 1983, I did my first Triathlon in Paradise, pausing after the swim to brush out my hair and apply lipstick.  I came in 2nd in my age category…there were only 2 of us.
I did a couple of triathlons in the 80’s and a couple in the 90’s.  Those I did without training.
In 2000, I started training with the Chico Women’s triathlon club.
How many triathlons have you done?

I’ve done about 30 triathlons.  One was a Half Aqua Bike.  One was a 1/2 iron man.  Almost all the others were Olympic distance.  That’s the perfect distance for me.  1.5 K swim, 40k bike and 10k run.  This distance keeps me injury free.
When was your last triathlon?
My last triathlon was last Sunday (8/5/12), at Rancho Secco.  (First tri since last fall)
What events do you have coming up?
I will be competing in USAT age group Nationals in Vermont, then USAT Worlds in New Zealand. It appears my season just began. (She says humbly…like it’s no big deal!)
What is your favorite component of the tri?
My favorite component of the Tri is the Bike.  I like it best because it is the most fun to train for.  Unless you fall, there are fewer injuries from biking, and it’s fun to ride as fast as you can. It’s the only component that I pass a lot of people, and few pass me (as opposed to running).
Do you feel like training at Norcal Strength and Conditioning has helped to improve your tri training/performance?  If so, how?
NorCal training has helped me maintain my strength throughout my various injuries.  It has helped build up my knees, so I dont have the knee problems I used to have due to running and biking.  It has also helped me cut down on the length of times I was running and yet can still run well in competition.  I really think that approach will allow me to continue doing Olympic distance triathlons well into my 70’s.  That will in turn keep me happy.
I daily thank the trainers at NorCal for all the work they have done for educating me on mobility and flexibility.  That may be some of the best lessons I  have learned.
Feeling strong from my NorCal training gives me the confidence I need to do triathlons and feeling good doing them.

Mary Ann, I think I speak for everyone when we say how proud we are of you and we are all wishing you good luck in your upcoming events!  Be strong, stay healthy and have fun!

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  1. Anne Yates August 8, 2012 at 10:26 am

    Mary Ann is an awesome athlete. Great lady in so many ways. I feel so lucky to know her and get to train with her at NorCal

  2. Jen Morgan August 8, 2012 at 1:29 pm

    My Mom!! She is amazing and has been a hero and great role model for me. She embodies health and fitness – she does it for the love of doing it and to me that is the sign of a true athlete. I feel lucky to have her not only as a mom, but as an awesome training buddy! I know how much she loves NorCal and believe that her trainers and that facility has helped her continue to get stronger and faster and stay fit for doing what she loves! Thank you for sharing this!

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