While searching the Internet for gluten-free treats (thanks Aimee Anaya-Everett www.aimeescupcakes.com) I came across a very interesting article on Marilyn Monroe’s exercise and eating regimen.  As one of American’s most popular and revered sex icons, Monroe followed an exercise and diet regimen that we at NorCal can all identify with.

In this short article, featured in the September’s 1952 Pageant Magazine, Marilyn Monroe explains how she stays fit and slim by eating a low-carb, high protein diet.  She also played sports in her younger days, competed, lifted weights and performed calisthenics as a means of staying in shape.  I find it ironic that Marilyn Monroe, one of America’s fist sex icons, followed a routine that is not too far off from what we recommend. Eat real food, get plenty of sleep, and use functional exercise (and sport) as a means of staying in shape. One of my favorite things that Marilyn mentions is that she eats protein all day, so that she can enjoy her higher carb, ice cream treats at dinner—hence me looking up gluten free treats!  The point: earn your carbs and Marilyn Monroe is hot.


To read the original article, check out 70sbig.com. Click here to see the Pageant article, in which Marilyn Monroe is featured.