Kira Klapper’s Last Day

Last week on Wednesday, Kira Klapper came in for her last workout at Norcal Strength and Conditioning.  We tackled many things with this workout and even had Kira climb the top of the rope for her first rope climb pose pic!  We here at Norcal are going to miss her and Luke, but we wish them all the best.  Take a look at the pics from her last day workout.  We even had time to pose all together before she walked out the door.



  1. We will miss you “Keri” or is it “Quierra” either way we will miss you a ton! You made the 9am class so much fun and it was also nice to have someone to make fun of. :-) Good luck in all you do!!! Remember Southwest drink tokens are only good on Southwest….they have no face value :-)

  2. how did i JUST see this?!! THANK YOU for giving me my own post! i am SO honored. let’s just say, for the last few months, i have been awful and unhealthy. i would put the NorCal name to shame! Miss you all so much.