Jenny LaBaw #1 in Norcal Region!!!!

I had the very pleasure of going down to San Jose, CA to watch Jenny LaBaw compete in the Norcal Regionals for Crossfit.  It was an amazing experience.  Athletes from all over Northern California were out there for 3 days in the hot blazing sun battling it out for a spot to make it to the Crossfit Games in Carson, CA, which will be held in July.

If you haven’t already heard, Jenny LaBaw dominated the competition on Friday holding in at 2nd place overall and held 1st place overall on Saturday and Sunday earning her a spot to the 2012 Crossfit Games!  From pistols, to snatch ladders, to muscle ups, Jenny shined through each of the workouts.

Day # 1

Workout # 1 was one of the ladies, “Diane.”  Jenny got 8th overall in the region on this workout in a time of 3:23, which is blazing by the way.

Workout # 2  Jenny dominated the field in this workout finishing 1st in a time of 12:22.  Her pistols were faster than a Tommy Gun!

Day # 2

Workout # 3 Jenny finished in 3rd in a time of 5:20 muscling through those heavy 70lb dumbbell snatches!

Workout # 4 Jenny finished in 2nd in a time of 18:35.

Day # 3

Workout # 5 was the snatch ladder in which Jenny displayed massive determination and strength as she went to her knees on a few of the snatches and was still able to stand tall out of them.  It was amazing sight to see the passion in those last few snatches.  She finished in a 3 way tie on this workout at 150lb snatch and 11 double unders.

Workout # 6 was the nail biter grueling workouts of workouts in which Jenny came from way behind in her heat to finish in a solid 2nd behind Annie Sakamoto!  It was an amazing comeback, and Jenny midway through the workout tore horribly on both hands, but managed to grin and bare it to the end.

From everyone at Norcal Strength and Conditioning, Jenny LaBaw, we are freaking proud of you.  All your hard work and determination has shown through from this last weekend.  You are an amazing athlete, but most importantly you are a great friend to everyone here at Norcal.  Good luck to you at the Crossfit Games in Carson, CA.  We all look forward to see what you will do!



Written by Matt

Matthew Brown has been involved in athletics for most of his life. He developed a huge passion for running at a very young age and ultimately competed for Chico State University in Track and Field for 4 years. After graduation he felt the continued drive to be involved in athletics in some way, and pursued a Masters degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Exercise Physiology. While working on his degree he was actively involved in the Chico State Track and Field program coaching both sprint and middle distance athletes in addition to working with them on their strength programs. His compassion for fitness and people continued to grow even after finishing his degree. He felt there was still room for growth and improvement in his overall knowledge in fitness and found a new home at Norcal Strength and Conditioning. While training at Norcal he found a new way to be competitive in fitness, and that was in the sport of Crossfit. After competing in a few competitions and training at Norcal for a year and a half he decided to pursue an opportunity as a personal trainer. He is excited to be a part of the sense of community and compassion that surrounds NorCal strength and Conditioning. Before Matthew attained his Masters degree in Kinesiology, he obtained his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with an option in Management. He has been a supervisor for over 13 years at a large canning and packaging corporation. Working with a variety of people offers many types of challenging situations and Matthew loves to be a part of these experiences. With his long history of involvement in management and athletics, Matthew has the skills, leadership, and enthusiasm to help motivate any person from any walk of life to achieve their fitness goals.

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  1. Mona Dagy

    Excellent! Go Jenny!

  2. Matt H

    You are an inspiration to us all Jenny! I’m proud to share a gym with you.

  3. Jenny LaBaw
    Jenny LaBaw

    Matt thank you for this post. I can tell you all that this last weekend wouldn’t have been the same experience it was without all of you that supported me here at the gym throughout my months of training. A sincere thanks to all of you that made the trip to San Jose to cheer me on also. Seeing a sea of “Team LaBaw” shirts and hearing you all cheering for me during the workouts kept me going and made me push harder. Thank you all…I’ll do my best to represent Norcal in style in LA! :)

  4. Shawn G
    Shawn G

    Great Post and even a better performance! Great job Jenny! The Games will be FUN to watch, good luck I am certain there will be a ton of folks from Norcal heading down to watch you do your thing! Best of Luck to you! As I said before I don’t think there is much luck involved!

  5. karina

    Jenny was a freakin’ bad ass. Wish everyone could have seen her performance! Can’t wait to see you crush girl in LA! Miss ya’ll!!!!

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