Jen Wraith and The Bidwell Bump

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Jen Wraith and The Bidwell Bump

We always talk about challenging yourself in the gym, aiming high, putting the work in and you will accomplish more than you ever thought possible.  This doesn’t just apply in the gym.  We want you to take this positive attitude and goal setting approach to all walks of your life.  We want you to apply it to your job, to your family, to your schooling, to your extra curricular activities, to whatever aspects of your life you cherish and want to succeed in.  Jen Wraith, a fellow Norcal-ian, is a hero of mine.  She does this day in and day out.  Just like the rest of us, Jen faces challenges in life each day, but she is one to always rise above, find the positive and ultimately reach that goal.

A couple of weekends ago, on September 25th, Jen did just that.  She had been training for the Bidwell Bump (a local Chico mountain bike race) for weeks.  She had some interruptions in her training due to injury and just life getting in the way, but she kept a smile on her face and did what her body needed to be healthy that day.  A couple of weeks before the race she came down with an ugly bug that left her without energy to train and mentally a bit frustrated.   Just like most people in this situation, Jen had a bit of doubt if the work she had missed out on would leave her below the training level she needed to be at to finish this race.  But, her positive attitude and internal drive proved to be more powerful than the physical training.  Not only did Jen finish the race, but she came in 4th overall and 1st in her class.

Here is a little tid-bit that Jen put on her Facebook page that I am quoting as it explains a bit more about the race and her experience with it.

“The Bidwell Bump was an amazing experience! Thank you friends and family for inquiring what the results were.

The Bump is a cross country (XC) bike race with the option of a second downhill (DH) race later in the day. If a rider chooses to ride both race called the All Mountain Challenge (AMC) they must register in either Expert or Pro class. Being that I began riding about 9 months ago, I was nervous to call myself an “expert” but felt ready for the AMC so I registered in Expert. There were more women at this years “Bump” than most years previous. Unknown to me prior to the race, 3 registered in Pro, me in Expert and 4 in Sport.”

“I am very happy with my time as I beat my personal record and met my goal of under 2 hours..time was 1.56 min. I was super surprised to be called to the podium for a first place in Expert. The DH was exciting hot, hard after the bump but again I broke my PR by a minute and came in 4th behind the Pro ladies. So overall I took a 4th or 1st in my class :)””Thank you to Emma Worldpeace, and Bekah Rottenberg for an amazing “team” experience. Thank you Jared Hall for opening up the MTB world to me. Thank you Tiffani Lang Pullyblank and Francesca Fillmore for watching Sarom while I trained. Thank you Ariana Altier, Emma, and Kristen Fellers for hours of patience and encouragement!! Thank you Scott FellersTyler SchrockTim Olson and HUGE Thanks to Nick Olson for answering my endless questions and bike maintenance!! Thank you Amy Dawson for “hurt back” acupuncture treatments and Jenny LaBaw for training advice. Thank you Linda for my new 510’s and tubeless tires!!”
Congrats girl…we are SO proud of you!
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  1. Armen September 8, 2012 at 9:36 am

    Congrats, Jen! so impressive and inspiring!!

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