Is My Mobility Improving?

Mobility Fun“Is My Mobility Improving.”  This is a good question.  I used to ask myself this all the time. and I still do.  Before I answer this question, let’s talk about a journey I took and where it has taken me.

Before I joined NorCal in 2009, yes I’ve been here awhile, I had no idea there was a growing movement in the Crossfit community…something they called “Mobility.”  I was introduced to this concept when I first took On Ramp at NorCal in November 2009, and guess who was my trainer…Cindy Oji.  I remember vividly trying to do my very first PVC pass through.  Well to say the least I was probably the best in the class…not!  I couldn’t even hold the ends of the PVC and do a normal pass through correctly.  This was a huge wake up call for me at the time.  I had no clue that my mobility was…$*@+…well you know.

I had a terrible time doing anything overhead and anything related to a squat  let alone all the work it took to learn how to move correctly.  So, after On Ramp was over and several years passed by I had another revelation.  I had gotten extremely strong and could perform lots of work in piss poor positions.  Yay, sounds like most crossfit athletes right?  So, I had to ask myself again, “Is My Mobility Improving?”  And I realized, no it had not, but I could back squat a crap ton of weight in a crappy position (chest down, toes outward, back arched, you name it, it could probably be a Kesha song).  At this point, roughly mid 2012, I really started working on my mobility with Justin Scott, mobility and masochist extraordinaire.

Now fast forward to today.  “Is My Mobility Improving?”  I think it has.  I have noticed that by spending a good amount of time focusing on stretching, voodoo flossing, band flossing, and smashing my tissues out with whatever I can find has helped a ton. I even did rolfing and saw a chiropractor on a regular basis.  Is my mobility perfect?  Hell to the no.  But I know that it is improving and will continue if I emphasize the mobility workload.  So, ask yourself this.  “Is Your Mobility Improving?”  If it isn’t, and trainers are still modifying movements for you, don’t you think it’s about time to put an emphasis on your mobility?  We have 3 classes you can take advantage of at NorCal, Tuesdays at 7 AM, Wednesdays at 4:30 PM, and Thursdays at 5:30 PM.

Can’t make those times?  I have a solution for you!  A good rule of thumb here is for everyone hour of exercise you should spend at least 20 minutes focusing on mobility that will put you into good positions.  Having trouble getting into good squat position?  Have a trainer look your squat over and prescribe some mobility you can work on.  Your Overhead position not ideal?  Have a trainer look over your Overhead position and prescribe some mobility you can work on.  Then do it consistently 2-3 times a week!  Then you can ask yourself again this question, “Is My Mobility Improving?’  If you focus on your mobility, you should be able to say “Yes” too.

Written by Matt

Matthew Brown has been involved in athletics for most of his life. He developed a huge passion for running at a very young age and ultimately competed for Chico State University in Track and Field for 4 years. After graduation he felt the continued drive to be involved in athletics in some way, and pursued a Masters degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Exercise Physiology. While working on his degree he was actively involved in the Chico State Track and Field program coaching both sprint and middle distance athletes in addition to working with them on their strength programs. His compassion for fitness and people continued to grow even after finishing his degree. He felt there was still room for growth and improvement in his overall knowledge in fitness and found a new home at Norcal Strength and Conditioning. While training at Norcal he found a new way to be competitive in fitness, and that was in the sport of Crossfit. After competing in a few competitions and training at Norcal for a year and a half he decided to pursue an opportunity as a personal trainer. He is excited to be a part of the sense of community and compassion that surrounds NorCal strength and Conditioning. Before Matthew attained his Masters degree in Kinesiology, he obtained his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with an option in Management. He has been a supervisor for over 13 years at a large canning and packaging corporation. Working with a variety of people offers many types of challenging situations and Matthew loves to be a part of these experiences. With his long history of involvement in management and athletics, Matthew has the skills, leadership, and enthusiasm to help motivate any person from any walk of life to achieve their fitness goals.

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