What I’m about to say is way over due, but better late than never, right? I want to just give a quick thanks and really, a virtual chest bump, high five, bear hug to everyone associated with this gym. Seriously, you all are amazing and I more than appreciate the warm welcome, encouragement and patience I have received from everyone here.
As if your exuberant little faces didn’t already paint a picture of what this gym is about, the NorCal family stands alone not only as a gym, but as a community. As I’m sure you have, I’ve worked in and/or been a part of many jobs, groups, gyms etc …..NOT ONE comes close to the feeling when you walk through our doors. The energy, the excitement, sometimes it hits you so hard, you wonder what the heck you were doing before (if it’s 6am, the justifiable answer would be “sleeping”.

Although I try, words cannot express my gratitude for the opportunity to be a part of such a place.

P.S. I will never be this sappy again 🙂