I am sure we’ll still be sweltering through some high temps for the next few months–but the laidback vacay mode of summertime is long gone….and it is time to kick it into gear to meet our 6 month goals.  My own goal was to have a sub-20 5K time at the Almond Bowl in November…I’ve been sidelined by a broken foot–but I am back in the saddle (or shoes!) and ready to re-vamp my training game plan.

Take a minute this week to assess your progress.  Do you need to re-evaluate your goal?  Maybe you met your goal already and so you get to add something new to the board!  Are you a recent graduate from the On-Ramp–get your name up and start tracking your progress!

Jonny–how’s your 80KG snatch?  Brandi–can you bench press your trainer yet?  Becka–have you exceeded the Fish by 5lbs in a WOD? 

Take a look at Sarah and Karina ripping through their dips in a WOD–making headway to their goal of getting a muscle up!


Post your successes–and your obstacles to comments!