2016 Holiday Challenge

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2016 Holiday Challenge


It’s that time of year again… yup, it’s the beginning of fat pants season.

The endless onslaught of holiday parties, the over priced and over crowded holiday travel, the stress of pleasing everyone with treats and gifts (or at least not offending anyone), obligatory and voluntary baking-up-a-storm that may or may not lead to several too many licks of the spoon and thoughts like “well, someone’s got to eat it”.

Seems to be that we all set the half-assed intention to not go down that road again this year, but then wind up giving in to the strong undertow of unhealthy traditions when faced with our first opportunity. And then it snowballs. January 1st becomes a light at the end of the tunnel and we inevitably dig out our fat pants and baggier shirts, batten down the hatches, feel like inflamed crap for a month and a half, and pray it only amounts to 10 pounds that no one will notice.

So THIS Holiday Challenge is about supporting ourselves and each other through these cheery and trying times.

The goal is to strike a healthy balance between the fasting, teetotaling, gluten nazi and the Little Vacuum Cleaner that Could.

It’s all about planning. Let’s help each other get our plans dialed. The worst thing you can do to yourself during the holidays is set yourself up for failure by being unrealistic and by not having a plan. And your plan doesn’t have to look like the next guy’s- what works for one won’t necessarily for another, but having a plan for yourself WILL work.

The plan is to

  • Accurately asses your schedule.
  • Commit to scheduling time to get to the gym, even if it’s inconvenient for those depending on you- they can handle it. Explain that you’ll be nicer to be around and in better shape for carrying larger loads of presents.
  • Anticipate the dietary pitfalls facing your future self and come up with the best plan to handle these situations (know what circumstances lead you astray and plan to avoid or handle them differently than you have in the past)

This is something that any and all of us can do this year to keep January 1st from feeling like Come to Wellness-Jesus Day; but if you would like some community support and hotline advice from yours truly, and if putting a little money on it makes you more likely to follow through, then this is the Holiday Challenge for you!

The rules of this challenge may be our simplest yet. There really are no rules or stipulations other than making a plan for working out and eating, and sticking to it. We’re going to make a commitment and stick to it. That’s it. If you don’t, you lose your money. That money gets divided up by those that do stick it out.

I’m serious. It’s not Paleo, unless you plan yours Paleo. It’s not booze-free, unless you plan yours booze free. Etc, etc.

There will be a Holiday Challenge Facebook page for us to gather as a virtual community, share ideas, make plans and commitments, lend support, tell jokes. Facebook participation is not mandatory and your word is the only proof I will check at the end.

The point of this is not weight loss or performance, but community support through a time that makes sticking to your health goals a little bit more challenging. Sometimes, next to impossible. We watch you all work so hard in the gym all year, we want to do what we can to help you hold onto it!

Cost of the challenge is $30, open to gym members only.

Dates of the challenge: Monday, November 21st – Monday, January 2nd

Register by Friday, November 18th

Email Sarah for more details or to sign up.




This challenge is a unique one! You will not need to weigh in or out.  This challenge will NOT be based on weight loss, performance or shifts in body composition. 

However, there will be a pot and winnings!

You will even be allowed to drink booze and maybe enjoy a piece of pie! 

The goal of this challenge is to keep it together during the holidays

We hope to help you hold on to everything you worked so hard for throughout the year rather than give up on yourself because you feel defenseless against holiday sloth and gluttony! 

Email [email protected] for more details or to sign up! 

*This challenge is for gym members only

Let’s not wait for the new year to chase our goals!

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  2. Jeanne O'Connell November 16, 2016 at 10:14 pm

    I’m in and will deliver my $$ to whomever is at the gym after I get off work this Friday.

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