On Monday, May 14th, Luke Winter was officially “over the hill”.  On Tuesday we were lucky enough to “celebrate” his day with him with a fun finisher in the 9am Low Intensity class.  A little bird told me that Luke has been working grip strength, so that is what we gifted him here at Norcal.  After a good workout, we rounded up the troupes in a big circle around Luke.  They all assumed the squat position and passed a 14lb med ball around the circle 4x’s (2 each direction) while Luke was in the middle of the circle “pinching” a 45lb plate in each hand until the 4 rounds had been completed.  For those of you that have not tried to pinch the 45lbs plates (or even the 25’s or 10’s) I encourage you to try.  You’ll see how EXTREMELY hard this is to do!  Good to see you’re getting stronger with age Luke…after all, I hear that 40 is the new 30.

Happy Birthday and thanks for being such an amazing addition to our gym.