Grubbin’ While Camping!

As most of you would assume we ate paleo while camping. We did have a some indulgences while on vacation, but were pretty darn good! You would not believe what we saw other people eating. I have been in such a “paleo bubble” that I forgot how crazy folks are with food. Holy moly!  We talked with numerous campers, and saw what they were eating and I couldn’t believe it. Strawberry pop tarts, cereal, and ALWAYS hot cocoa. The mornings were freezing, and we’d watch parents send their kids off to play with gut wrenching grains was a way to start the day off right.

Hmmm next time I camp maybe I’ll take Robb’s book with me and hand it out. They would all hate me!  wink

Some were shocked when they saw what we were eating too. They’d walk by and say things like ooohhhhh fancy or wow that’s a lot to do while camping!  We typically had some form of egg for breakfast with a sausage, salsa, or fruit. Two of the mornings we indulged in GF pancakes, with bacon. Lani always had his trusty coffee.  Lunches and dinner were grass fed meats generally with a veg and maybe some guac. I will say, we are super outfitted to make cooking easy while camping. We have a small camp stove, and a cast iron griddle/grill (which is the best thing to cook on!). You can cook everything all at once on it, and the best part is you don’t have to wash it…Camping clean is a whole different level of cleanliness than real life clean.

Here are a few pics from the trip….and we workout too!





  1. Look at Lani picking up that log!  I bet he was doing back squats with it!

  2. it’s not camping unless SMORES are involved. period paragraph!

  3. How Fun Karina!  And love to hear how once you decide this is what you want and practice it, it comes naturally and easily – ie. “we are outfitted for camping” I love my camping grill!  Everything tastes better grilled and it just sits on my porch grin

  4. I just took my first attempt at Paleo camping this passed weekend and other than the cocktails really had no issue with it.  It was a rare and lovely treat to actually feel good about what we were eating in the woods. (and we brought Robb’s book along just in case)

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