Often this “stuck-ness” involves problems with food, body-composition and overall performance. It should not be a newsflash to you that how you look, feel and perform are direct outgrowths of how you CHOOSE to feed yourself. This whole scenario can take on a life of it’s own with this kind of fed forward momentum: the food is bad, performance is bad…you feel bad…you give your inner-child a fanny paddling and the cycle begins anew tomorrow…with more strength and fervor. YIKES! As a coach I try to intervene in this process, remind you to take care of yourself…enact the “Shaman’s Blow” when necessary…but for some folks I need to take a different approach. Folks can get in this process of self deprication that seems to stymie all forward process in life…for these folks, I recommend a hefty dose of Gratitude.

Gratitude? Like…thankfulness? Yes, as hippy and Chakra-balancing as it may sound, I recommend a Big dose of Gratitude. Here’s the deal: People get into this weird back and forth of not taking care of themselves, being embroiled in drama…and generally making the world revolve around them…but in a really odd way. It’s in a way that keeps them stuck where they are, in a way that precludes success or change. For these folks I’ve recommended keeping a Gratitude Journal. You can use something like the attached photo of a night log book I was given while working a certification at Camp Pendleton. It is small, tough and has lined pages. You keep this journal at your bedside and before bed each night, fill in ONE PAGE of things you are grateful for. Depending on how you are wired that will either be very easy or excruciatingly difficult…if it’s the latter, you really need to do this exercise. If you wind down your day with a reflection and documentation of what you are grateful for you will sleep better, you will awake more refreshed, you will treat yourself and those around you better….you will feed and water yourself better. Rubbish you say? Do it for a month and prove me wrong.


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  1. Peter November 18, 2008 at 3:28 pm

    So true – gonna do it now grin catch you in a month!

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