Graduates Among Us!!

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Graduates Among Us!!

Graduation is a time to celebrate the the hard work students have put in for years preparing themselves for what comes next in their life.  It may be starting a new career, it may be furthering education to a more specialized area, or it may be time to travel the world and learn through experiences.  We have several people from Norcal about to take part in their celebration this coming weekend at Chico State University.  No matter which direction you all decide to go after you receive your degree, go with grace, go with style and know that you have the support of your Norcal family behind you 100%.

Below are a few of our members that will be graduating and a little bit about them.  If you are graduating this weekend and I missed you, I am so very sorry…PLEASE leave your name and a bit about you in the comments section.

Congratulations to you all!


Katie DeLuca

Major: Kinesiology with an emphasis in coaching

Post Grad Plans: Spending two weeks in Hawaii with her family, then traveling through Thailand for 6 months with Glen!!  She’ll be training, sleeping, tanning, reading and eating! 🙂 





Katie Morrison

Major: Exercise Physiology

Post Grad Plans:  Heading to Europe with some friends for a couple of weeks. Relaxing for the summer.  Then hopefully starting nursing school at Samuel Merritt in the bay area.

A little note from Katie:

I’m really going to miss Chico but especially the gym… 🙁 you guys have all been amazing! The training is like nothing I’ve experienced and the community is priceless! I can’t thank everyone enough for allowing me into the community and making me feel at home. I will truly miss you all! 





Jacki Strand


Major: Animal science with an emphasis in livestock nutrition

Post Grad Plans: After graduation she is planning on attending graduate school in either Fresno or Cal Poly Pomona.  In her year off between school craziness she will spend my time doing rodeo queen activities (she’s running for Miss Folsom Pro Rodeo this June!), and planning the upcoming wedding, which is next July.







Patrick Chapman

Major: Construction Management

Post Graduation Plans: To be a deputy in the Los Angeles Sheriffs Department or Construction Project Engineer (currently deciding which direction to take).  Until then, he plans on being in Chico for most of the summer and spending a lot of time at the gym.It all depends on where the work takes him.


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    Congrats everyone, job well done!

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