Foam rolling before class, and writing down the workout after. Getting in a few extra “post-class” pull-ups, and taking a little time during work to get in a quick workout. If you’re a regular at NorCal, then there’s no doubt you’ve seen Mona Dagy. “Feel’n the burn”, but smiling the entire way… maybe with a curse word or two, but all said with love 🙂

An ever present figure, Mona was more than happy to take the time to share a little more about herself:

What do you do?
“I always find this question interesting. For fun or for work?  For fun, I hunt, garden and get fit. For work, I’m the Executive Assistant at River Partners. And I love my job! I always say I am one of the lucky ones.”

How long have you been training here at NorCal Strength & Conditioning, and what bought you here?
“I started in October 2010. Coming to NorCal at first was somewhat of a team-building exercise with many of my co-workers here at River Partners. Now it is a way of life.”

What were your goals when first starting out?
“Mostly to just lose weight and a smaller pant size.  Plus who doesn’t want to look good in a swim suit, especially when you are in your 40s. I was a size 12 when I started and I am now a size 6. My husband says I am half the woman he married. heehee”

Have they changed any?
“Due to a double mastectomy in March 2011, I was out for 6 months. I have a crazy family history of breast cancer. My mother died when she was 33yo and my grandma when she was 45yo of this disease and my test results over the last 7-years had been getting progressively worse.

I returned to NorCal in September 2011, and I can’t get enough. Thank goodness for the L.I.F.T. classes. These helped me to get back to the Elements Class.

My surgery made me realize how important it was to be fit. During my recovery to was so difficult to be so weak. I could not lift the laundry detergent, or reach the back of the dryer and I completely gave up on racking leaves. Oh, and I’m not good at being weak and having to ask for help. But I have an excellent support system at home and at work and everyone was so fantastic and supportive. But again, I hate being weak.

The 4 months of training I received at NorCal prior to my surgery, really helped me in my recovery.  Due to my newly acquired core strength I was able move around without help and even my doctors were surprised.

Before the surgery I could do 4 chin-ups and 10 push-ups, so again after my surgery I wanted to get back to this strength. But I knew recovery would be slow, so my first goals were 1 chin-up and 1 push-up, which I am proud to say I have just accomplished.

And regarding Paleo, I maintained this new lifestyle during my “down-time” which resulted in no extra pounds gained. YEAH!”

What are they now?
“I don’t know.  It took me so long to get the 1 chin-up and 1 push-up back (8 agonizing months). Maybe it will be 5 chin-ups and 10 push-ups.

Thank you NorCal for being a part of my life and for making my life better. I could not have recovered so quickly without the help of all the NorCal trainers. Your persistence and patience are greatly appreciated. You rock!”