Glute Workshop: Round 2

Attention all those (ladies, sorry guys) seeking superior backsides. The second series of the Glute Workshop will be starting up July 23rd. If you’re interested in joining the ‘Backside Brigade’, let me first warn you…..this isn’t your typical “Bunz o’-Jane Fond -a-Rama” kind of class. We squat, we dead lift, we lunge with barbells, we sprint. Even during our water breaks, WE SQEEZE THOSE GLUTES! But, we get results!
I also offer my “glut-e-ful” gals the opportunity to food log and take before and after measurements as a way to stay motivated and extra accountable.

My ladies did so well during the last class, seeing some great results. I’m even more excited to get this second series started.
If you would like to sign up for The Glute Workshop, send me an email Spots are already filling up so let me know asap.

Beaches, boat rides and bathing suits are happening, right now! That’s all I’m going to say :)

Thanks Norcal!


Start date: July 23rd
Duration: 6 Weeks
Days and Times: Monday OR Wednesday 4:30 – 5:30
Class size is maxed at 6 participants per class

Written by Jaime

Jaime Jereb has always considered herself a bit of a "lifelete." Never fully focusing on a specific sport, but rather enjoyed the idea of being an active healthy human being for life. "Anything can happen, so you better be prepared!" Mid college, the lifelete found herself following a career path in the fire service. She attended Butte Fire Academy in 2004 where she got a taste of what functional fitness truly was. Being 5'2 and 120, she had to learn to maneuver and carry the equivalent of over half her body weight. After graduating and working in the emergency medical services for several years, she decided that trying to help people after they were sick, unhealthy and broken was not what she wanted to do. Jaime went back to school, attending CSU Chico where she studied Kinesiology in hopes of learning how to prevent some of what she experienced in EMS. In 2006, she packed up and headed to San Diego for a total change of pace and a new career. There she started her own group training business, specializing in fun, effective, functional fitness. Since Jaime has a passion for learning and a desire to bring her clients the best possible tools for success, she went back to school a third time, attending the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become a holistic health counselor with a focus on Paleo / real food nutrition, bio individuality and Cross training. With a strong belief that 'less is more' Jaime is constantly preaching healthy wellness and real life living to her clients. HAVE FUN, SLEEP WELL, EAT GOOD, LIVE A LOT!! When she isn't in the gym walking on her hands, swinging from bars or sprinting down the street, you can usually find her skateboarding with her dog, grocery shopping (she loves it!), and laughing with friends.

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  1. Renee Sacks-Smith

    Jaime sign me up!! Renee

  2. Mona Dagy

    I’m in.

  3. Michele l

    I’m in! (Again)

  4. Kayla bEntley

    Sign me up!!!

  5. Hannah Garrison

    I would love a spot! Let me know if there is room for me!!!!

  6. Matt B
    Matt B

    What about my “ass”pirations?

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