Getting Inspired by Sam Bowen

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Getting Inspired by Sam Bowen

Sam Bowen

This girl has become a true inspiration inside and outside the gym! From her everyday matching Lululemon outfits, to her body composition changes and increase in fitness levels, she is a perfect representation of you get what you work for. She’s dedicated to her goals and as a coach that is the most amazing thing to see out of a client. Always looking to better herself, and never lets a setback get the best of her, but rather lets it motivate her to come back stronger. She is constantly signing up for races and putting her body and mind to the test. She won the last body comp challenge we held, and has continued to keep herself on track towards her goals.  She is always willing to try new things to make her stronger as a person both mentally and physically.  She has signed up to complete a Spartan Trifecta this year, which is going to be a huge accomplishment tackling these 3 brutal obstacle course races. So proud of you Sam! Keep up the good work, you are truly inspiring to the NorCal Fam. If you don’t know Sam, here’s a little Q&A with her…..

1. How were you introduced to NorCal Strength and Conditioning?
By Renee Sacks-Smith

2. What was your first impression?
I was intimidated but intrigued. Everyone was so nice I couldn’t help but want to be there.

3. One word people use to describe me…

4. Outside of the gym I like to…
Eat! Haha. Not but really, I like to run, spend time with my family and friends and take my yellow lab to the park.

5. Three things you would ALWAYS find in my fridge:

Coconut/Almond milk, eggs and ketchup.
6. Something nobody knows about me or would be surprised to know about me:
I’m very scared to try new things and meet new people and it takes me a long time to get the courage to do it.

7. Favorite physical activity outside of NorCal Strength and Conditioning:
I already said running so how about hiking and swimming.

8. Favorite place to eat in Chico:
T Bar or Chipotle

9. Song that gets me pumped up for a workout:
Too many to count! Anything by Linkin Park or early 2000’s rap.

10. Proudest accomplishment inside and outside the gym:
The first time I did a tuck up and hinge row and being debt free.

11. Favorite work out attire:
Lululemon is my middle name!

12. Favorite lift/movement in the gym. Why?

Glute bridges and burpees. Sounds crazy but I love the burn and rush!
13. If you could invite ANYBODY (currently alive or not) over for dinner, who would you invite? Why?
My grandma Bunny. Because I miss her big, loud Italian personality and the no sugar coated wisdom she shared.

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