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Begin with Personal Training

Personal Training - Norcal Strength & ConditioningMost clients begin with personal training for a series of 12 sessions.  This is where you will work with your trainer to build your general fitness base and gain familiarity with our movements.  You will find the greatest success with personal training if your needs or goals include:

• weight loss and improved body composition
• extra accountability
• you have generally been sedentary
• you are new to exercise
• you are referred to us by a physician, physical therapist or chiropractor
• you have specific performance oriented goals (triathlon, basketball, etc.)
• you have significant health or orthopedic issues

Your trainer will tailor workouts specifically for your current fitness level and progress you at the proper pace for you.  Following your initial 12 sessions you may then choose to continue with private training or progress into our Elements group class.

*Individuals with significant health or orthopedic issues will remain private training clients.

Begin in a beginner’s group class

On Ramp class
Our On Ramp class meets 3 days a week for 4 weeks.  It is designed for the generally active, injury free individual who wants ultimately to train in one of our ongoing group classes.  In this class we will expose newbies to our movement curriculum in a group format.  Movement techniques will be drilled as well as a progressive introduction to the intensity levels that are inherent in our group classes.  If you are unsure as to whether you are a good candidate for beginning in a class setting, please contact us.  Click here to see when the next On Ramp class starts and to reserve your spot!

Group Class Descriptions

Personal Training - Norcal Strength & ConditioningElements group classes
Following your private training series or our On Ramp class, Elements is where you continue to develop your foundation of strength and general fitness, ultimately working towards mastering the skills to gain entry to our Level 1 group class.

Level 1 group classes
This is where your training enters the realm of sport and the competition begins.  Classes are intense, challenging, and move quickly.  These classes require testing/prerequisites to gain admission.  Please see our Level 1 and 2 standards for more information.

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