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Our Approach:

At NorCal Strength & Conditioning, we’re here to help you look, feel, and perform your best. Our trainers have extensive experience helping clients navigate the transition to a healthier diet and lifestyle with great results.

Clients receive an education in our nutritional philosophy starting with our On Ramp course. Beyond this initial overview, we offer:

  • Weekend courses on a variety of nutrition topics
  • Individual and group nutrition consults
  • Nutrition challenges over a short period of time with winners and prizes

We work with you to help you set realistic goals and make long lasting changes that have positive outcomes for your body composition, blood work, and metabolism rather than recommending you follow a super low calorie crash diet that promises fleeting and unhealthy short term results.

We understand that there is no one size fits all nutrition prescription and know how to work with the full spectrum of clients from the aging, slow metabolisms to professional endurance athletes to figure competitors.

Our Philosophy:

Our nutrition philosophy is simple: we recommend eliminating highly processed foods in favor of a nutrient dense diet based on whole foods.

We aim to:

  • Optimize your diet’s nutrient density
  • Create and maintain your gut health
  • Balance your energy intake to health and body composition goals
  • Find a level of carb intake that best suits your tolerance and performance
  • Discover and eliminate food’s that aren’t well tolerated

Traditionally we have recommended following a Paleo diet and have promoted the Paleo diet within our clientele longer than any other fitness facility.

The Paleo diet recommends avoiding foods made of grains, legumes and dairy and opting instead for lean meats, seafood and fowl, seasonal vegetables, roots, tubers, fruit, nuts and seeds. The Paleo diet can be low carb or high carb depending on the needs of an individual.

NorCal is home of Paleo notable Robb Wolf, author of the NY Times Bestseller The Paleo Solution, a great resources for understanding both the nutritional science and the daily “how to” underpinnings of the Paleo lifestyle.

Additional Paleo Resources To Jumpstart Your Journey

If you are interested in personal guidance with meal planning or specific dietary considerations sign up for an online or in person consult with our nutrition guru, Sarah at [email protected]