The time has come!  I’m heading down to Carson, CA for the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games.  I’ve been training since September with all of you guys by my side at some point or another…either sweating it out with me, cheering me on or giving me a “pick-me-up” when I most needed it.  You may not even realize that you helped me, but just the consideration of asking how my training is going, or a quick “Go Jenny” when I was doing a workout on my own and wanted to quit, or telling me quads are getting bigger (Chris Friedland)..ha!  Really though, you all, in some way or another have been a part of my journey and for that I can never thank you enough!

This is the last time I will post this…I promise!  But, there are a few “Team LaBaw” shirts left (mostly women’s tank tops in green and purple but a few men’s XL tees in green and grey).  I am headed out of town, but I will leave the extras at the gym.  The other coaches will be able to help you out if you want one.  They will be $20/shirt.  Thank you so much to those of you that have already purchased one, or two…or more.  The support is SO VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!  If you have already asked for one and haven’t picked it up, it’s at the gym waiting for you.

Here goes nothing Norcal….I’m gonna represent the best I know how!