Fun for the Entire Family

//Fun for the Entire Family

Fun for the Entire Family

Having a “NorCal” Birthday party is suppose to be our chance to give you a good healthy dose of fitness as you head into your next year of life….this usually means the trainer selectively picks movements, or ‘gifts’ as we like to call them to build into a nice little work out.  If you are lucky you get to share that work out with a handful of other folks that happened to show up at the gym for your birthday.

On Tuesday night we celebrated Carrie K. and Jon M., who turned 30 and 29 respectively.  Not only did they get to PICK their ‘birthday gifts’ and design their own work out….they also managed to celebrate (suffer?) with their loved ones! Jon’s wife (who actually revealed his birthday) and Carrie’s parents and husband were all in attendance to sweat through the work out together.

Now that’s what I call a loving family!  Take a look at a few photos from Tuesday’s HOT little Birthday WOD.  Cheers to all that participated!

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  1. Jenny September 12, 2011 at 9:12 pm

    LOVE birthday workouts!!! Happy belated to Carrie and Jon!

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