First review of Everyday Paleo book is here!!!!

I’m so fortunate to have been given a special copy of Sarah’s Everyday Paleo to review.  You see, I’ve been a huge fan of her blog and it’s been a tremendous asset in my success at the gym.  Have you ordered your copy yet?  Here’s the scoop:  With beautiful colored photos of recipes and shopping guidelines, Sarah’s book provides a bulletproof approach to Paleo living.  Add in details sections of exercises for adults and kids and the excuses are eliminated!  The book provides so many yummy recipes with easy to follow instructions, you will be excited to dive in and get cooking! The information will help families wanting to integrate Paleo foods with their kids (including an awesome section on school lunches ideas), as well as assist those of you just beginning on your Paleo journey.  If you haven’t pre-ordered a copy on Amazon –do it now.  The book will be available April 25th! smile



Paleo Potluck this Saturday, April 9th! Event starts at 11am. Classes will be held at 9am and 10am.

Bring your favorite Paleo dish with a recipe card and if it’s hot make sure and put in in something that you can either plug in or maintain it’s heat!

We may even have a little surprise for the best dish!

Written by Natalie

Natalie Taylor has been participating in sports and fitness activities for over 25 years. She was both a competitive gymnast and swimmer and these activities led into coaching jobs as she earned her degree in physical education. Natalie is a graduate of the Chico State teaching credential program and has been teaching physical education or coaching for nearly 20 years. She has coached both High School and Junior High Volleyball, and the Cross Country and Track and Field intramural program at the local junior high school. Her interest in running and triathlons as well as her background in gymnastics create a superior combination for clients wanting a balanced workout of endurance and strength or clients interested in supplementing their endurance activities with much needed power/speed training and oft neglected flexibility. Finding time for fitness isn’t always easy—however, in just one hour with Natalie you will work multi-joint strength development, speed, stamina and flexibility. What keeps clients coming back? Every session is unique, so boredom never stands a chance! Natalie holds her NSCA CPT, as well as a variety of Cross Fit certifications. Natalie will help to make fitness a functional and successful part of your life.

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