Fall Challenge October 13th 2012

If you missed the “Norcal Spring Team Challenge” you owe to yourself to make this event.  Click HERE to sign up now!  This event will be a team event, but everyone will also be scored as an individual.  Here is what you can expect Saturday October 13th, a great team event, Paleo Pot Luck, great friends and lastly some great competition.  The top 3 teams, top 3 females and top 3 males will all receive……something. :-)  Here is a list of prerequisites for those that are on the fence:

-must be a current Norcal member
-must be able to push a prowler (45′s men/25′s women)
-must be able to row
-must be able to perform a burpee
-must be able to run 400 meters
-must be able to dead lift (185men/115women)
-must be able to push press DB’s
-must work well with others

We encourage folks to sign up SOONER then later as we will be capping the event at 44 people.  The cost is $20 and will include a super sweet Norcal shirt!

*NOTE: The event registration opened at 7:30pm last night and we have already sold 10 spots.  Please hurry if you are wanting in on this event.  Registration will close NO MATTER WHAT October 3rd at 12pm.  

Please post any questions in the comment section and we will do our best to answer them ASAP!

*Check out Leslie W. pushing more weight then she thought possible…..Leslie is always up for a “challenge”. Great Job Leslie!






Written by Shawn

Shawn is a family man first. His two little ones Kayden and Rylee have taught him the true meaning of success and happiness. Shawn is the Operations Manager as well as a coach at NorCal Strength and Conditioning. When Shawn took on this position he made it a top priority to surround himself with a top notch coaching staff, which he has successfully done. Shawn and the rest of the NorCal coaches continue their efforts to improve client experience and client success. Shawn has a passion for working with motivated individuals with goals. Whether you would like to achieve your first pull up or train for a sport specific event Shawn can help you achieve your fitness goals.

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  1. You lost me at “must be able to row”. But then you got me back with “must be able to deadlift”.

  2. Look at those legs!!! Great job Leslie! So proud of all your hard work!

  3. Will NorCal allow a person like me on a team. What if my team doesn’t like me…. Is stretching involved? If so I’m busy hunting.

    • Shawn G

      DUDE! Mario, if you are going to be around sign up!!! Let me know I can register you on my end to make sure you get in. Let me know either way.

  4. But I’ve alway wanted to go hunting… LOL I want to be like Johnny Rojo

    Sign me up!!!!!!!!

  5. R.C. Smith

    Hey Shawn, please Sign me up for it!! 100% sure ill be there!! I tried press the HERE button and it had something wrong with the address or whatever. Anywho… I couldn’t complete the sign up, so could you please do it for me. Thanks!!! Cant wait!!!

  6. Jamie Grubbs

    Hey Shawn! Do you have room for Heath and I to partake?

    • Shawn G

      Yes! Jamie you can sign up online or I can sign you and Heath up on my end….and of couse as always I will charge his card :-)

      • I tried to sign up online; however I could not get it to work. Would you mind signing just Heath up? I had a change of plans and unable to partake…I’ll be there in spirit!

  7. If we run out of space, I’ll forfeit my spot.

    I need to practice to keep up with all you…..

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