Eating Clean on the Road

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Eating Clean on the Road

Summer is in full swing and for many that means vacationing, traveling, road trips, plane rides, etc.  I have been on the road for two weeks at this point, with one more to go, and have stayed completely paleo.  Well, I may have indulged in a sliver of cheese cake at my brother’s wedding reception last night…I didn’t eat the crust though..ha!  Don’t judge people…it was the first non-paleo thing I have given into in a long time.  How have I done it?  Here are some tips that I have followed.  They work for me and I encourage you to implement them as well when you find yourself away from him this summer.  Please comment with any of your own strategies to eating clean on the road.

Be Prepared:

I made sure to travel with my fish oil and good snacks for emergency situations and in case I couldn’t find real food upon arriving.  I took Lara Bars, mixed nuts, Primal Fuel (protein powder), jerky, Justin’s Almond Butter packets and some dried fruit.

Right after getting my rental car, I went to Trader Joe’s to stock up on essentials to keep in my hotel fridge.  I got pre-cooked hard boiled eggs, pre-cooked grilled chicken, spinach, carrots, avocados, coconut water and strawberries.  You don’t have to hit up a Trader Joes..but find a grocery store.  You will save money and you will have healthier food!

– Smart Restaurant Choices

Part of going on vacation is enjoying going out to eat and socializing.  We don’t need to be redundant with what good paleo choices are, but EVERY restaurant will have something you can eat (meat and veggies).  We went to Claim Jumper one evening and I was pleasantly surprised to see a gluten free menu…that is becoming more and more common, so ask for it!  Note that “gluten free” is NOT paleo though…so make sure you look at all the small print to see what you’ll really be getting.  If you don’t see an option on the menu that fits what you want, ask for it and 99% of the time they will make it.  I may be known to fib a bit and tell the server that I am celiac or have a bad gluten allergy and they are more likely to make sure that your food steers clear of cross-contamination.

Here are a few options that I have chosen on my travels thus far… Claim Jumper – bacon and avocado burger with lettuce wrap.  Breakfast cafe in Southern Sierras – two fried eggs with bacon.  Tony Roma’s – grilled chicken spinach salad with olive oil and vinegar dressing on the side.

Other Options:

Every trip won’t be the same, but I highly encourage you to start your trip out with preparation at a grocery store rather than relying solely on going out to eat.  Here are other options for good food choices from the store while traveling.  If you have access to a fridge, great!  If not, then buy (or bring) a collapsible cooler.

Protein – Rotisserie Chicken, Deli Meat (nitrate, nitrite free), Jerky

Veggies – Mixed Veggies Bags/Trays, Bell Peppers

Fruit – Apples, Berries, Oranges, Bananas

Fat – Pre-made guacamole, avocados, nut butter (not peanut), coconut milk

Whatever your summer (or any time of year actually) entails, remember that you can still eat clean on the road.  It doesn’t take much effort and you will feel better.



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