Early Morning Fun…

I don’t know if anyone has noticed that our gym gets a little toasty in the afternoon, so if you want to beat the heat, you might just need to slip in to one of our morning classes.  On Tuesday and Thursday we have some early morning Elements classes that start at 6 and 7 AM, but for those of you that want to sleep in a little and still try to beat the heat we offer a 9AM Low Intensity and a 10AM Olympic lifting class. Want to start off your week right?  Hit up the 6AM Elements on Monday. Heading out for the weekend…get your work out in first at 7AM!  We’ve got lots of AM options…if only it was easier to get out of bed!  wink

Check out a few pictures from Katie’s 30th Birthday Smack Down…you may have been glad you stayed in bed for this one!


Written by Sarah Fragoso

Sarah Fragoso has been involved in athletics from a very young age and was a competitive gymnast for over 6 years. Sarah has always had a passion for health and fitness and now as a mother of three active boys, she appreciates the importance of staying in shape in order to keep up with everyday life. After her third child was born, Sarah realized that unless she found a way to stay fit and active, it would be impossible to manage three children and have enough energy left over to manage anything else. With CrossFit, Sarah changed her life and now she can help you change yours! Sarah understands how difficult it can be to make time to get back into shape, but with the right kind of help, motivation, and programming, anything is possible! Anyone can do CrossFit, and Sarah believes that everyone should. The combination of full functional movements, resistance training, and skilled coaching provide an unparalleled combination for health and fitness. Sarah is a Level I CrossFit trainer and when you train with Sarah she will help you focus on nutrition, motivation, strength, stamina, and reaching your fitness goals.

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  1. Joye you should have told people that all the hot chicks try to attend am, that will get em! Just look at the pic!

  2. richard o

    Who you callin a hot chick…

  3. katie mark my words, i will get that 3/4 of an inch by winter!!! watch out! happy birthday, sad i missed that wod because it sounded brutal in a good way


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