Double or Nothing!

//Double or Nothing!

Double or Nothing!

After class last Thursday, Amie told me that she had been trying mercilessly to get her first double under during Cindy’s 12 pm class the previous day, but only had ended up with welts from the jump rope.  Even with her battle wounds still fresh, Amie decided to give it another go.  With a look of fierce determination, Amie grabbed a jump rope, and after a few attempts, she got her first double-under!!!  Amie celebrated like she won the lottery, and it really does feel like that. You all know that wonderful feeling of finally getting something you have worked so darn hard for.  Amie’s next goal is a pull-up and I know she’ll get one soon, that girl is so determined.  Great job Amie!


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  1. Beth B March 8, 2009 at 8:29 pm

    Good job! I had soo much trouble with double unders, they’d mess up my whole workout and whip my legs, head, and back. i know how good it feels to get them!! congrats

  2. Dain March 9, 2009 at 12:23 pm

    One would think that after a lengthy relationship with CrossFit, that jump rope would be one of those things that gets ‘accepted’; like burpees – sure it sucks but you do it and move on.  Nope. I still loathe jumping of any ropes. I would rather do tibata: burpee-alligator crawl-ropeclimb-situp and then slam my balls in a car door than have to do jumprope.  Yeah I hate it that much.  In other news guess what Dains workout will be tomorrow? JUMPROPE! haha! see ya then!

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