Hey all your Norcalers who have been hearing about my fiance’s great coconut milk recipes!  A lot of you have been asking me what has Christina been making in the kitchen and experimenting with coconut milk.  Well here is one of her latest concoctions using Light Coconut Milk from Trader Joes.  I will try to post one of her recipes every so often and you let us know what you think about them.  Enjoy!

1 can T.J.’s Light Coconut Milk

4 Cups H2O

1.5 tsp. Cinnamon

1 tbsp. T.j.’s Vanilla Blend …

1.5 tsp. Almond Extract

2 tbsp. Kerrygold Irish Butter

1 pinch Salt
~Heat butter & coconut in microwave until butter is melted ~Place all ingredients in a blender & blend until smooth.  Serve Warm!