Coconut Flour Tortillas

I have yet to try these, but I have already started to think about the many options for them! My mouth is already watering as I think about making enchiladas! Or maybe I’ll just heat them up with butter! MMMMM….so many delicious variations! Be sure to let me know what you create and how the recipe turns out! Here’s the recipe from Tropical Traditions:

Coconut Flour Tortillas:


1 tablespoon coconut flour

1/16 teaspoon baking powder

2 egg whites (or, 3 tablespoons egg whites)

2 tablespoons water or coconut milk*

coconut oil/butter


Mix the coconut flour and baking powder with the water (or milk) and egg whites. Whisk or blend until all lumps disappear (I usually mix, then wait a couple of minutes and mix again).

Heat a pan and grease with coconut oil or butter (grease well). Pour batter in center of pan. Tilt the pan around to spread the batter into a large circle, almost covering the entire bottom of the pan.  Be very careful with this part: wait until the edges are brown on the side of the tortilla, or carefully circle spatula around the bottom of tortilla until safe to flip. Once safe, flip the tortilla and cook for about 30 seconds on the other side.

If anyone has not been to Tropical Traditions yet, I highly recommend them. I have ordered tubs of shredded coconut, gallons of coconut oil, coconut lotion, coconut chap stick, and coconut soap. I love them all! They also have spices, grass fed meat, a recipe blog, and much more. Check them out…they always have great deals!


Written by Katie

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  1. How many tortillas did this recipe make?

  2. Katie D.

    1 tortilla:( So, make sure you triple the recipe!!

  3. do you get the coconut flour locally?

  4. I love these! Mark’s Daily Apple has a similar idea for Enchiladas in his new cookbook, but I haven’t tried them yet. I definitely will. And thanks for the Tropical Traditions recommendation. Coconut soap sounds amazing!

  5. Christina

    I’ve been looking for a coconut flour recipe.  I’m glad you found it. I need to try it this weekend then. smile

    Becky C.:  I found mine at Chico Natural Food or S&S;Produce.  Bob’s Red Mill makes it.

  6. Katie D.

    Becky- You can also get the coconut flour at Raley’s.

    Liz- I’m such a fan of tropical traditions. I hope you find as many good things as I have! I just bought some body scrub and its pretty awesome:)

  7. Do you think these would work with Almond flour?  I don’t have any coconut flour yet, but want to make these!

  8. Katie D.


    Here is a recipe for almond flour tortillas, but the consistency is not even close to the same. I would play with it though. They will just be thicker than the coconut flour tortillas, unless maybe you add extra egg and coconut milk(liquid). Hope this helps!

  9. Awesome!  These tortilla look fantastic! 

    P.S.  If you live in the Atlanta area, the DeKalb Farmer’s Market has 1/2 gallon tubs of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil for $10.99.


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