Client Testimonial: Craig Parrish

Client Testimonial: Craig Parrish

Often times I am surprised by how many folks would pick the quick fix or try to cheat the system to get fast changes in their aesthetic looks, sometimes without even considering the health implications to their longevity and future.  Don’t get me wrong, I have definitely made my fair share of mistakes and did my best to get Gerard Butler’s 300 abs by any means possible (outside of drug use…), but as I get older and hopefully wiser I look towards longevity and sustainability for my health.

Me Now Post Spartan Training…

This leads me into the client of the day:  Craig Parrish.  Craig first came to NorCal Strength and Conditioning in March of 2013 and started with Personal Training.  From there he then moved into the class environment as he started getting stronger and more fit.  It took awhile, but Craig finally bought into the whole Paleo and Gluten Free lifestyle and has been one of our most outstanding client transformations.  He not only is a whole lot healthier inside and out, but he is one of the strongest guys in the NorCal gym.  Enough from me, let’s give Craig the keyboard and let him give you a little bit more info about his journey to sustainable healthy living:

Craig Parrish Deadlift

Sometimes a transformation takes place inside more than outside.  I have received all kinds of compliments on how I look as a result of weight loss since joining NorCal.  And I have lost weight and gained strength, but that’s not where my biggest changes have taken place.  My changes were motivated from the inside and my biggest changes were made on the stuff no one can see.  My father died when he was 69 from a heart attack.  He had high cholesterol and was on a statin.  My maternal grandfather died when he was 69 from a heart attack, his second.  There were no statins at that time.  Both of the closest biological males to me have died from heart attacks at the same age due to high cholesterol.

Craig Parrish Prowler Push

Yes, I have been diagnosed with high cholesterol as well.  I have been on statins since my father passed away 12 years ago.  But as my father did before me, I never changed my eating habits, until the 90 Day Lifestyle Challenge earlier this last year.  It was hard but the coaches, Chrissy and Cindy in particular, were so helpful and encouraging.  I took small steps and first eliminated soda, completely.  I think I have had 2 or 3 sodas since January of last year and the last one I had tasted terrible!  One of my next goals was to find 5-7 simple, paleo-ish recipes I could cycle through.  I cook for myself so finding something easy, not too many steps or ingredients was key.  The first one I found was the Meatza!  My first try was fairly amusing, it was a huge burger with some toppings!  I have pictures to prove it.  I have since perfected it and it is a regular occurrence and every time it is different with different toppings and I have plenty of leftovers (that’s important when you cook for one).  I found several others to fill out my cycle as well.

Craig and Jeff Parrish

So here is a look at my numbers and note the biggest change occurring between August 2014 and April 2015.  Red is bad.

Craig Parrish Blood Work



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