Chico Fish Market

Chico Fish Market

We all know that getting Omega-3 rich food in our diet is important.  Fish is the food that holds the most omega-3 value.  But, for me, that gets a bit sketchy considering we live inland and fresh fish isn’t exactly readily available.  Sometimes I look at the fish on the shelf at the store and want to buy it, but hold off because I’m just not sure how long it’s been there or the quality with which it was cared for in transition.

Times are changing here in Chico though!!!  In November, Tony and Rosalia Flores opened up a fish market on Forest Avenue and hwy 32 (by the 7-11).  They make 3-4 trips a week to the coast to stock up on fresh fish.  But not just any fish.  This business is aware of the environmental issues with overfishing certain species and respects that.  They will not buy fish that are unsustainable.   You can visit  to see what the catch of the day is.  So, keeping taking your fish oil, but also go visit Tony and Rosalia and stock up on the real deal!


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  1. Robert Gould September 15, 2014 at 11:56 am

    Hi Jenny,

    Looking for Tony Flores. He had the fish market in Chico. Any idea if he’s still in Dayton or
    Robert Gould
    831 747-7477

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