Now I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea like I consume tons of sugar every day but I do like to have it in the form of dried fruit, chocolate, ice cream, and a few other tasty items when the time is right. When Cassie told me she was doing this I decided that I needed a challenge too. One that everyone would know about, one that would be good for my stress levels, and one that would have nothing but positive results in the end.

What am I hoping to accomplish you say…. Well I want to proud of myself, I want to get on track before those crazy foodie holidays come around, and I want to see some composition changes take place. I want the elusive six pack that our everydaypaleo guru wears so well!

So this is me, telling all of you to make me be accountable! I will be journaling (somewhat) my feelings, experiences, and cravings, and fights.  I will have things to battle like my birthday, which I will not be indulging, a wedding, and the weather which means a nice cup of hot cocoa no more!

Journal- Day 3-

I have been super busy so it hasn’t been bad at this point. I had a small craving last night but didn’t even give into grapes. Ate 3 meals yesterday and stayed pretty full so that was good. Didn’t drink enough water and I need to be more on top of it because that will help in getting rid of waste as well! Did some research on cellulite today, it’s a nasty business. It affects almost 100% of women due to the levels of our estrogen which just plain sucks. I am not willing to go down without a fight though, I will triumph! Cellulite is waste. Fat deposits under the skin over the muscles that hardens and gives a lumpy appearance to our skin.  So I posted a pic of my most inspirational woman, as far as body comp goes because I have some similarities. Most of you do not know that I have a Spanish background, my dad is as dark as all get out. Anyway I have the short , hippy, thick leg, big shoulder thing going on. And yes I dye my hair otherwise it is dark brown. The only thing I didn’t get was the boobs and tan, damn it! Oh well I can get the boobs someday if I see fit … and fake a tan too. Anyway like I was saying, I see her body as ideal, not crazy ripped out, but womanly and curvey. Ok that’s it for today. Anyone want to join me?