Blogging for accountability!

David has already made some amazing progress, and we’ve crossed some hurdles that at times I didn’t think were possible.  When he first came through our doors we argued (he’s an attorney so these arguments were always fun!) to get him to drink regular water.  At the time he only drank flavored water with artificial sweeteners or Coke or Mountain Dew.  Now he is gluten free and drinks (and even enjoys) plain old water with fresh lemon juice.  He is also working to eat breakfast, keep his carb intake down as well as try to finish his last meal a few hours before bed.  He’s made solid progress with regards to his strength and metabolic conditioning levels …getting his nutrition dialed in is the final piece to the puzzle.  Check out his blog and cheer him along over the next 7 weeks!

David during this year’s Fight Gone Bad fundraiser!


Written by Nicki Violetti

Nicki Violetti has a long history of competitive athletics and is the only trainer at NorCal Strength and Conditioning who has competed at the collegiate level, not in one sport, but three: volleyball, swimming, and track & field. Nicki is an NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and holds Level III CrossFit trainer and USAW Level I Olympic Weightlifting Coach certifications. Nicki brings her understanding of teamwork, motivation and goal setting/completion to her coaching with remarkable results. She will help you delineate your goals and provide you with the support, knowledge and focus to achieve your fitness potential. In addition to Nicki’s fitness background, she has a BA in Economics from the University of California, San Diego and speaks Italian, Spanish and a fair amount of Russian. She is also co-publisher of The Performance Menu.

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  1. Awesome! Good Job Dave… keep up the postings and the good work!

  2. Katie DeLuca

    Good work David! Its been great to see the constant changes that you have been going through which have only come through lots of hard work! The blog is awesome, so keep it up!

  3. Thanks for stopping by and doing a WOD with us, Lee! Hope we can stop by sometime.

  4. Hey David, Good talking with you today at work and sharing about your blog. I said I would get on and check it out tonight. Thanks for the tips on the eats as this diet is very new to me. In my position, I eat when I get a chance. It’s limited at times because of all the nice people I am lucky to be able to work with. I think you know what I mean… We will have to do lunch in the near future when your in Oroville and you can give me some eating pointers.

    Thanks again,