Best/Funniest Comment Wins!!!

We are posting one simple picture today of our good friend John K.  to see what people think/assume he is doing in the picture below.  If it is any help we have no clue what he is doing or even how he got in this position by himself.  May the funniest comment win!  Good luck to you all!  The winner will receive a copy of “Paleo Slow Cooking” or a New Norcal T-Shirt!


  1. Isn’t that how David Carradine died?

  2. “Maybe this plate will shield me from Justins rath while I mobilize my traps”. Lol

  3. No really…I’m Captain America!! I just left my real shield at home…

  4. No one can see me picking out this wedgie.

    • Mona has my vote..That’s where I was going to go with it.

    • I was totally thinking wedgie too! It’s all fun and games ’til señor wedgie shows up!

  5. “That kinky cowgirl sure jacked my back up”

  6. I usually don’t recommend dropping acid at the gym but John looks like he’s having a blast. Ride the snake bro, ride it hard.

  7. If he kipped into it he could reach that wedgie…

  8. Combination of Amy’s and Renae’s comments…. :)

  9. More like a cowboy…Johnny Rojo…

  10. Looks like a 1-armed, weighted, torture-ball tabata (1WTBT). Higher level of difficulty than the 2-armed (non-weighted) torture-ball tabata (2TBT)…..Way to go John K. :-)

  11. The Police will be impressed with his range of motion next time they place him in a hammerlock…

  12. He’s being put into a behind the back 1 arm nuse by
    That 45# Plate while being paralyzed by that darn
    Yellow softball 😮

  13. After a high speed chase through the streets of Chico John K was apprehended at NORCAL SC by Chico PD officer “PENDLAY” and his partner Sgt. “YELLOW BALL” assume the position John!