Being in the Zone.

What does it mean to be in the Zone, Flow, or In The Moment? Ever heard those words being thrown around at work, home, or even at the gym? They are words that get tossed around on occasion throughout our day-to-day lives. But what does it actually mean for them to happen?

In the book Flow in Sports by Susan A. Jackson and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi they define this as “a state of consciousness where one becomes totally absorbed in what one is doing, to the exclusion of all other thoughts and emotions.” Simply put, you are tremendously focused on what you are doing and nothing from the outside world is affecting your focus.

During these types of moments you will feel like your mind and body are working together in perfect harmony and everything you do feels effortless. When this occurs personal bests can be achieved, the dishes can be done “on time,” and also perhaps all the chores can be done on time. Putting all funniness aside these zone like moments are achievable and is how we can experience pure enjoyment in our lives whether it be at home, at work, or here in the gym.

How do we experience these moments more and more? There are many different ways one can experience this depending on our skill set and knowledge in the activities we are performing. As a caveat the participants in the activities must want to perform the work present. For example: In the last few weeks in the Low Intensity classes at 6:30PM on Monday and Wednesday nights we have been practicing rope climbs. Just this Monday we had a few people able to get the foot clamp down and others get to the top of the rope. Needless to say I was super ecstatic at their progress and willingness to try more and achieve more. It had me thinking, these athletes are in their moment right now, and they are in the zone.

The key components of finding this special moment are: being positive, willing to perform the workload, focusing on the task at hand, seeing the workload as a challenge, having the skills necessary to perform the work.

Post to the comments any special moments you have had whether it was here at the gym, at work, or at your home.

Check out Susie B. and Jennifer H.  getting their first foot clamps on the rope!  They are in the zone!