Weds. LIFT class on May 30th at 10 AM was a super fun hour!  Not only was a it a birthday day, but it was 3 special birthdays with 3 special Norcal members here at Norcal Strength and Conditioning.  We celebrated the only way we know how, making specialty birthday workouts!  Let me tell you it was fun fun fun for everyone!  The first workout was America’s 45th 2 round birthday special.  The second workout was Yvonne’s 46th birthday 2 round 46 ft special!  Lastly, but not least was Kira’s 28th birthday one round special!  Towards the end of class we couldn’t leave the girls out with singing their favorite jam “Happy Birthday to You,” but accompanying it was 45 seconds of battle rope action from America, 46 seconds of battle rope action for Yvonne, and 26 seconds x 2 for Kira (must be a bummer to have a smaller birthday number!)  Check out some b-day pics and the Norcal members who were there to share in the action and festivities!  Thanks for all the fun!