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Sarah approaches fitness with a love of learning new things and keeping life interesting. Prior to joining the NorCal Strength & Conditioning coaching staff, she and her husband owned a CrossFit gym in Denver, CO. Sarah was also a Pilates instructor for the official physical therapy center for the US ski and snowboard team in Boulder, CO, and a ballet dancer for 13 years, studying at the Joffrey Ballet School in New York. Nutrition has been important to Sarah from an early age. She puts together the NorCal Strength & Conditioning Nutrition Seminar Series and their group nutrition classes. Sarah follows the Paleo diet and has helped many people regain their health with nutrition over the years. She also writes articles on nutrition and training for Robb Wolf’s blog at robbwolf.com. As a coach, Sarah has experience working with all walks of life, from the orthopedically challenged to professional athletes and dancers. At NorCal Sarah heads up the Olympic Weightlifting program, the Glutes and Core workshops, and the dynamic mobility class called Positional Strength. She remains committed to helping people along their journey to be healthier, stronger, and happier than they were yesterday.

Posts by Sarah

Introducing Leiborus Mies

Meet and Greet Hey NorCal! Many of you may or may not know me, or perhaps have just seen my face awkwardly standing behind your coaches. However, my name is Leiborus Mies (Luborious Mees) or Leibor (Leeber) for short. I have been interning at NorCal S&C for the...

Should I Quit Going Overhead?

“Should I just quit going overhead?”- a question I hear a lot from people with troubled shoulders. Ranger Danger Every once in a while, the answer is yes. If you have shoulder pain that pops up consistently when you start working overhead press and...

How to Get a Pull-up: Pulling Progressions

Some of us have always had pull-ups… usually like 8 of em since birth, if that’s the case. The rest of us, however,  see “pull-ups” on the board and feel doomed to haul out the special combos of colored rubber bands for what seems like training...