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Matt Brown holds a Master’s Degree in Kinesiology from Chico State University with an emphasis in Exercise Physiology. He also served as the Sprint and Middle Distance Coach for the CSU, Chico Track and Field Team during his time there. Matt joined the NorCal coaching staff in 2011 and is the current Facility Manager. He makes it his priority for NorCal to continue to have a family friendly community which fosters a healthy, supportive, and quality driven atmosphere.   Matt loves to learn and educate others. He works well with athletes with existing sports related conditions and medical issues.  His attention to detail and experience with mobility, flexibility, strength, conditioning, and functional movement allow him to help each client correct movement patterns and gain the strength and stability that will allow for health and lifelong activity. Whether it’s preparing for an athletic event or improving your health or mobility, Matt has the education, experience, and motivation to help you achieve your goals and beyond.

Posts by Matt

Sean Jensen, a Spartan’s Journey

Blog written by NorCalSC Chico Client:  Sean Jensen It was a comfortable 55 degrees on a beautiful Saturday morning as I accelerated a steep incline in the mountains that flank the eastern margin of Flathead Lake in Montana. I had just passed a group of athletes...

Preparing for Your First Spartan Race!

Hello NorCalers! NorCalSpartan here (aka Mateo Café, aka Get Your Fitness On, aka Massive Glutes, the list goes on…. you get the picture). This article is about getting ready to do your first ever Spartan Race. Don’t know what a Spartan Race is? Watch this badass...

Strength, Cardio, New Cycle, Oh My!

Hello NorCalers!  We have a brand new 8 week cycle of programming starting today.  Many of you have missed the heavy lifting, but have no fear the barbells are here!  Here are the cliff notes for this cycle: We are packing in a little bit more strength than usual. We...