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Matt Brown holds a Master’s Degree in Kinesiology from Chico State University with an emphasis in Exercise Physiology. He also served as the Sprint and Middle Distance Coach for the CSU, Chico Track and Field Team during his time there. Matt joined the NorCal coaching staff in 2011 and is the current Facility Coordinator. He makes it his priority for NorCal to continue to have a family friendly community which fosters a healthy, supportive, and quality driven atmosphere.   Matt loves to learn and educate others. He works well with athletes with existing sports related conditions and medical issues.  His attention to detail and experience with mobility, flexibility, strength, conditioning, and functional movement allow him to help each client correct movement patterns and gain the strength and stability that will allow for health and lifelong activity. Whether it’s preparing for an athletic event or improving your health or mobility, Matt has the education, experience, and motivation to help you achieve your goals and beyond.

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Movement Monday: Walking Lunges

Hello NorCalers!  Today’s Movement Monday is Walking Lunges.  This posterior chain movement if  performed correctly is a great tool for building up beautiful and strong legs.  Watch here to see what I mean: One thing to particularly note when you watch the video...

Carrot Whip

Christina and I were at it again this weekend with our 4th week of meal prepping.  We are finding out it can be tough making things interesting each week when it comes to veggies.  This week we tried our hands at a carrot whip (similar consistency as mashed potatoes)....

Movement Monday: Bulgarian Row

Hello NorCalers!  Today on this series of Movement Monday we are going to go over the Bulgarian Row.  In Monday’s Beginning Strength and Conditioning this movement is programmed and you will see it very often in the Intermediate and Advanced programming.  It is...