About Leibor

Coach Leibor, aka “Leibs”, grew up in LA County where he competed in any sport he could get his hands on. After exposure to strength sports in high school through to junior college, he took a turn toward competing in powerlifting and strongman. With this new found passion he made his way to Chico California to further educate himself on the physiology of strength; graduating in the fall of 2017 with a BS in Exercise Physiology. In his off time he spends most of if it reading with a nice cold brew coffee or searching the interweb for articles and videos of materials that will improve his abilities as both a coach and athlete. Leibs prides himself on his hunger for knowledge. Getting his hands on the latest and greatest strength styles, programs and books. It is his mission to supply his athletes with the ability to grow and learn all things strength and conditioning. “As soon as a coach has said [they know it all], it is the end of his professionalism” - Boris Sheiko, Head Coach of the Russian National Powerlifting Team