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Karina’s love for athletics started early. She’s been playing sports, including volleyball, softball, track, soccer, and basketball for nearly her entire life. She played competitively through high school and her enthusiasm for sports continued into her college years. In 1999, Karina graduated from New Life Institute of Massage Therapy and she began working as a sports therapist at Shasta College Athletic Training Center. Karina specifically worked with football and baseball athletes. Over the course of three seasons she put her therapy skills to work; treating injuries, taping athletes, and providing soft tissue work to help prevent injury and maintain mobility. That experience as a body worker has immensely helped Karina’s eye for coaching. Her approach to movement is influenced by her knowledge of soft tissue maintenance--and this allows her to modify movements and provide specific attention to areas in which clients may need additional trigger point therapy and foam rolling. Karina continues to use her therapy skills when she occassional covers Tory Zellick, owner of In Touch Bodyworks. Karina came to NorCal Strength and Conditioning as a client in hopes of ‘mixin’ up’ her regular six day a week, two hours a day gym routine. She discovered an amazing collection of coaches who viewed health, stress-free living, and happiness in the highest regard. Karina’s success as a client at NorCal, as well as her expereince as a body worker brought the realization that she could give back to others all that she had learned. Karina obtained her CrossFit Level 1 certification in 2009. She has also attended the Black Box Summit with Coach Rutherford, as well as the Paleolithic Solution Seminar with Robb Wolf. Karina currently coaches Low Intensity Functional Training, Elements, and Level 1 classes. She enjoys the variety of clients that attend her classes--and recognizes her improvement in coaching comes from the depth of client she has the opportunity with which to work. Karina has the proud honor of personally coaching the 2010 Paleo Challenge winner . Training just 2 days a week and eating paleo brought success to Mary Elaine. Karina considers it a gift that she was able to be a part of someone’s transformation. Contact Karina and give yourself the best gift around--your health!

The Safe Zone

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This weekend I hosted a girls night  with some  of my NorCal girlfriends. It was tons of fun, good food, lots of gossiping, and of [...]

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You be the coach

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I would like you to look at all the photos I've posted and you guys tell me what you would do to correct any technique [...]

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