About Grayson

Grayson would have never been considered an athlete growing up. In fact, the mere mentioning of doing something "athletic" would strike a look of disgust on his face. For this reason, he never participated in sports of any kind, for the most part. There was one year of high school swimming, but that was just long enough for him to figure out that being extremely winded when you are under water is no fun. Around the same time he began weight training in a high school lifting class. He fell in love. He continued weight training through high school and into college. His freshmen year of college, while giving his fellow dorm mate a hard time about being a male cheerleader, he was challenged to come try his hand at partner stunting at one of their practices. Grayson was blown away by the athletic ability of people on the team, and immediately tried out. Grayson continued on the team at Colorado State University through college, and continued to partner stunt on the team for the Denver Nuggets. Being involved in cheerleading exposed Grayson to gymnastics and Olympic weightlifting, which were at the time, completely foreign to him. After graduating from CSU with a bachelors degree in Construction Management, he set off to climb the elusive corporate ladder. The corporate grind led Grayson to live in New York City, where he was first introduced to CrossFit. It was love all over again. Eventually moving to Dallas following the corporate dream, he joined his first CrossFit gym. Up to that point he had been training himself, and the whole experience of getting coached and competing lit a fire in him. After a year and a half of living in Dallas, he was stressed out, over worked and under rested. Most importantly, he was having trouble finding time to do the thing he loved most, CrossFit. One day, in 2009, he had an epiphany. "I'm going to quit my job and become a CrossFit coach". In short order, he quit his job, cashed in the 401k to invest in a new gym, and was driving to Denver on an entirely new path. Coaching became an absolute passion and eventually led Grayson and his wife Sarah to co-own a gym in Denver. Through his career as a coach, Grayson has dialed in his knowledge to focus on deepening his understanding of the specific components of CrossFit, and how to better coach and program them to help others succeed at their goals. His favorite aspects are Olympic weightlifting and gymnastics, and practicing handstands, even on his skateboard. Grayson is extremely excited to be part of the team at Norcal Strength and Conditioning, and looks forward to learning and helping create an environment where others can get healthy and change their lives.
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