One of NorCal’s finest Katie Stueber has started Ammin Nut Co. to market her very own Almond Butter and nut products. I have tasted many different brands of almond butter and I can honestly say that Ammin Nut is the best. Click here to check out the Ammin Nut website and order your Almond Butter and products today! Here is a little background on Katie, her family and how this whole thing got started.

I was born in Chico, raised in Durham. My grandfather, Aubry, started farming almonds in the late 30’s and my father, Roy, followed. My husband, Sam and I currently live on my families almond ranch along with our three boys. In the spring of 2009 we discovered our 2nd family at NorCal Strength and Conditioning, along with a healthier lifestyle. We always had almond butter and products in the house when I was growing up, never realizing their importance. After a long year of hard work, I am so proud to bring all of you, Ammin Nut Co.