A Week of Finishers

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A Week of Finishers

For those of you that participated in the “Pick Your Move” survey on the whiteboard last week, thank you!  For those of you that didn’t get a chance to…no worries…you still get to participate in the fun this week!

The purpose of the survey was for us to see what movements you all enjoy doing and others you may not like as well.  Both give us ideas for programming.  The movements you like we can incorporate more and the movements you don’t like we can also incorporate more because most of the time we don’t like movements because they are hard…which means we need to work on them.

This week, with the results from the survey, we are playing a little “game” as promised.  Everyday this week (starting yesterday), we will have a gym-wide contest going using the top 5 “favorites” and the top 5 “least favorite” movements in our finishers post-workout.  For example, yesterday we used Lunges (favorite) and Plank Pushups (least favorite).  For one minute, you do max rep lunges.  Then you will do the same for plank pushups.  If you get 30 lunges and 20 plank push ups, your score is 50.  Make sense?

EVERY class will be doing the finisher, and the person with the highest cumulative score of the two movements for the day will be the gym winner.  Your prize…a Norcal SC shirt!

Have a great week and happy finishers!!!


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