A ‘HOLIDAY’ Paleo Challenge! What?!

Is that holiday decor I see at The Home Depot?

Unfortunately it’s true.  The holiday ‘season’ (as determined by the big box shopping venues) is upon us.  You know what that means! Not only are you going to be looking at plastic Santa figurines every time you run into Costco for the next 3 months…you’re also going to be bombarded with the onslaught of Holiday Cheer:  parties, spirits, & edible neighborly gifts!  This can be a recipe for disaster.  Overeating, over-drinking…and of course the dreaded gluten-dose!

Want to avoid the food-coma that is such a mainstay during the Holiday Season?  How about the seasonal pound or two that creeps on? A recent study  shows that on average folks gain just over 1lb during the holidays.  That’s not so bad, you say? BUT one year later,  those same folks tended to still be wearing that added weight as they headed into the next holiday season.  Over time that can accumulate and contribute to unhealthy consequences.

Ready for the punch line?  NorCal SC is going to host our first ever HOLIDAY Paleo Challenge.  Say it ain’t so!!  That’s right folks.  Ten weeks during possibly the most, temptation filled, party-laden, stressful time of the year.  But why, you ask?  What better time to hone in your habits.  Do we think you’re going to be perfect?  Absolutely not.  Do we hope you’re going to make thoughtful, educated choices about what you eat and drink between Halloween and New Years?  You bet!  And it’s not just about your nutrition.  Getting consistent with your work outs and sleep will improve your success!

Here’s the Nitty Gritty:

  • Mark your calendar:  Oct 28th-Jan. 7th
  • The Buy-In: $20 on picture day, and additional $10 at the 1/2 way point (December 3rd)…just to keep you in the game (ONLY CASH ACCEPTED).  All cash collected goes to the winners
  • Two Categories:  Newbies (joined NorCal after 2/1/11) and Veterans, with a Male and Female winner in each category
  • Sign up: Before pics on Friday 10/28 from 3-6 and Saturday 10/29 8AM to noon
  • Read the blog and board for more details!




Written by Natalie

Natalie Taylor has been participating in sports and fitness activities for over 25 years. She was both a competitive gymnast and swimmer and these activities led into coaching jobs as she earned her degree in physical education. Natalie is a graduate of the Chico State teaching credential program and has been teaching physical education or coaching for nearly 20 years. She has coached both High School and Junior High Volleyball, and the Cross Country and Track and Field intramural program at the local junior high school. Her interest in running and triathlons as well as her background in gymnastics create a superior combination for clients wanting a balanced workout of endurance and strength or clients interested in supplementing their endurance activities with much needed power/speed training and oft neglected flexibility. Finding time for fitness isn’t always easy—however, in just one hour with Natalie you will work multi-joint strength development, speed, stamina and flexibility. What keeps clients coming back? Every session is unique, so boredom never stands a chance! Natalie holds her NSCA CPT, as well as a variety of Cross Fit certifications. Natalie will help to make fitness a functional and successful part of your life.

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