6 Month Transformation: Michell Remley

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6 Month Transformation: Michell Remley

I know I just wrote a blog a week or so ago on Michell Remley congratulating her on her 6 month anniversary with us here at Norcal Strength and Conditioning…but after that post went up we took her 6-month photos.  Amazed, inspired, and proud of her, I knew we had to share her journey thus far with you all.  Below is an interview I had with Michell and some more insight from her on how she’s made this lifestyle change along with her transformation photos.


“Yesterday at the gym someone came up to me and asked how much weight I had lost. For the first time in 10 years… I didn’t know the answer. I have yo-yo’d up and down for the last 10 years, but always knew my NUMBER when it came to how much weight I had lost, right down to the .3 of it. I was so out of the weight loss zone, I couldn’t get my mind to even come up with my last number. What an amazing feeling… focusing on working out and not losing weight. I have a lot more weight to lose and I know it… but for the first time in a long time, I truly know it will come off…my body doesn’t want to be fat.” ~Michell 3/6/12

How did you hear of Norcal Strength and Conditioning?

I googled crossfit in Chico.
I had an old friend from my days in Navy (he was a Marine) who had talked about doing Crossfit on his facebook page and how it had helped him…. his words  “I am once again beginning to feel like the ‘me’ I had almost forgotten once existed”  powerful words from a great person. I also had a high school friend who posted on facebook about her crossfit experiences. I was curious what this thing was.
What made you decide to start?
I am willing to try anything once… that’s how I ended up in the Navy and got my first child. LOL!!!
Seriously, I have been trying EVERYTHING for the last 10 years to lose weight. I emailed my friends above and asked them if they thought I could do crossfit… they both told me it was the best thing they had ever done and to go for it.
I walked into Norcal SC looking for a weight loss program…that makes me laugh today. I remember asking Natalie on my evaluation day, how much weight I could lose. I now understand the look she gave me… and the answer she didn’t. 😉
What has been the most challenging part of your journey thus far?
Getting over being mad at myself…. The first week was a hard wake up call. The workouts didn’t beat me up; the reality of how much I had let myself go did. But with each day, I found more things to be proud of than to be sorry for.
What has been the most fun?
The people. Not a day goes by at Norcal SC that I don’t have a blast.
How many days a week do you typically train at the gym?
4 days on an average. 2 days PT and 2 days LIFT  I love being focused on and pushed on my PT days, and I love being able to set my pace and recover or challenge myself on LIFT days.
What is your biggest accomplishment fitness wise in/outside of the gym?
In the gym… almost everyday I replace one accomplishment with another.
Seriously, it is on going and that is so motivational. I mean I started to say box jumps, then I thought… oh increased height on my box jump, then I thought, staying below 150 when I row… 200 meters or 600 meters… then I thought elbow placement doing push ups… See I could go on and on…
What is your approach toward nutrition?
I jumped right into Paleo from day one. I didn’t fully understand it…. and I still don’t. But like I said above I will try anything once. I started doing Paleo, purely by elimination. I removed things from my diet, but didn’t go all the way into grass fed ect. until recently and I am still working at that.  I do have milk in a latte 2 to 3 times a week. No flavors no sweetener…actually not just Milk, I do Half n Half. Triple Tall Breve Latte. I don’t know if I should call it cheating since I plan it…but I do feel guilty and I do know that I would feel and do better without, so it is on my list of things to work on.
Do you pay attention to the general amount of food you’re eating or just eat when you’re hungry?
I try to pay attention and eat Breakfast /Lunch /Dinner…. I find when I don’t stay on that track, I graze. I start just popping things in my mouth and even though they are good things… the quantity becomes bad.
Do you pay attention to your water intake?
Trying to drink water is harder for me than giving up grains. If I don’t start my day out with water… I will forgot/ignore water the rest of the day. Those are usually days where I am grazing. 😉 I replace water with food. That is a hard thing to undo… a lifetime of confusing thirst with hunger.
What has made you be successful with eating paleo?
The return on investment was fast. Not in weight loss, but in how I felt physically and emotionally.
What is the hardest part about eating paleo and how do you overcome that challenge?
 Limiting sugar (fruits) and increasing Meat…. when I first started at Norcal I ate meat maybe 3 times a week, so it was hard to start trying to eat it 2 to 3 times a day. I will never forget my complete shock and sadness to learn I couldn’t count bacon as one of my meat intakes. LOL
I require constant motivation, and information to keep my mind from wandering… I have a short attention span, so I constantly refresh and revive with all the info out there. I love reading articles, tweets, blogs, facebook posts about it… I follow Everyday Paleo, Jenny LaBaw, Robb Wolf, Growing Up Paleo, Primal Parent, and anything else I can find.
What is your favorite paleo meal?
Brussel Sprouts!! Ok thats not a meal…but they are my favorite.
What/who is your motivation?

Top of the list number one answer is JENNY LABAW. I am dead serious about that. You truly changed my life. You shifted my my mindset from how to lose weight to…. how to get healthy…. how to get strong… how to push through and make it count. The number on my scale has so little to do with me anymore… that number has been replaced with the number on the weights, the number of reps, the number on the stop watch, the number on the rowing machine. I can’t thank you enough!!!!

Michell it has been my honor to coach you, support you, and learn from  you.  Thank YOU!  Check this girl out!
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  1. Karen March 8, 2012 at 6:16 am

    Way to go ! Your hard work is paying off tremendoulsy! You look amazing!!!!

  2. Shawn G March 8, 2012 at 7:02 am

    Another awesome success story from someone who is willing to work hard and take the nutrition seriously! Great work Michell! Looking awesome!

  3. Matt B March 8, 2012 at 2:37 pm

    Bam! Looking great! Good job Michell!

  4. Cathy D March 8, 2012 at 8:29 pm

    Michele, you look wonderful! Your curves and flat little tummy….. you are truly an inspiration, just like Jenny says.

  5. Arva Lewis March 12, 2012 at 12:49 pm

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!! YOU LOOK AMAZING! I’m so proud of your determination on your work out and life style Michell. AGAIN “YOU ROCK” AND YOUR BODY…… beyond words. KEEP IT UP GIRLIE!!! <3<3 maugh <3<3

  6. Maria E. March 16, 2012 at 12:16 am


    You look amazing!!! So proud of you and you are an inspiration!

  7. Beth April 24, 2012 at 11:46 am

    You are a TRUE inspriation to ME!!! I am going to do this girl! We will be on the beach someday together!!!

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