2012 Mudder Nature Challenge

It is time to sign up for this years Mudder Nature Challenge put on by River Partners. Last year NorCal Strength and Conditioning (Team NorCal) had 70+ team members participate and we placed first! This year we would love to see even more of you out there playing in the mud! Remember that anyone can participate in this event regardless of your skill set. If you participated in last years Mudder Nature Challenge you know how much fun this event is. The event will take place September 15th. Click here to learn a little more about the event and click here to sign up to participate on Team NorCal. When registering you can sign up “for fun” or to “compete” either way you can still be on Team NorCal.

Written by Chrissy

Chrissy Gower has been involved in the NorCal Strength and Conditioning community for over 10 years. She graduated from CSU, Chico with a degree in Liberal Studies and then went on to earn a Masters Degree in Education as well as a teaching credential. After years of seeing and feeling the positive impact that NorCal Strength and Conditioning has had on her life, Chrissy chose to make a career change to personal fitness training. Chrissy can help you to improve any element of your fitness, be it body composition, strength, flexibility or cardiovascular endurance. Chrissy is also the author of Paleo Slow Cooking: Gluten Free Recipes Made Simple. As a mother of two and wife to a picky husband, Chrissy has a passion for helping people and families make healthier food and lifestyle choices.

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